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This migrating male Scarlet Tanager was making some beautiful music. Singing birds are good for the soul during these uncertain times.

Autumn music is the sound of rain and rustling of falling leaves.




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The sound of music

gives state of relaxtion

whenever you are in doubt

or any type of confusion.


The sound of music

have the healing power

escape from the the worst days

in an hour.


The sound of music

give immense pleasure

worth to maintrain

a forever treasure.


The sound of music

geated by rain

listen it carefully

the rhythms in chain.


The sound of music

is not only topic

it`s part of my life, without it

i can easily become sick.


[Song: "When The Music Dies" by Nad Sylvan , off the 2017 album "The Bride Said No"]

Tribute to David Bowie.

This set of cables just needs one more cable to complete the framework for a musical staff. With the cooperation of some local birdlife, we could then make music!

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If you look deep enough you will see music; the heart of nature being everywhere music. --Thomas Carlyle


Processing and texture: DDG, PS CS, Topaz Labs and Shadow House Creations


Please do not use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my permission. ©Betty Jo Martin. All rights reserved.


When words fail music speaks.

Mihail - Who You Are

Romanian Music Series


"She feels in love

It's something that she doesn't know what it is

She's missing those days

Left on a tape

And it's getting cold

She knows your arms won't hold her anymore

She's driving with fog lights on

Driving alone

So tell her stranger

Who, who you are

Why won't you tell her

Who, who you are

So tell her stranger

Who you are

Why won't you tell her

Who, who you are...!"

The sun goes down, the stars come out, and all that counts is here and now. My universe will never be the same, I'm glad you came. (Robin Schulz - Sun Goes Down)

Anita Sweet

Let the music take me to the places I dream of




Hail your taxi to Mimmo

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.


~ Plato


It may seem obvious when I say that dancing is a way to participate in music, even if you do not sing or play an instrument. It is another way to join in the rhythm, to feel the tune, to absorb and express the emotion. Depending on the song, it can be either meditative or invigorating. Dance can relieve stress. Dance can be a private exercise or a public performance. Dance can be what you need it to be. Dance.




I wanted to share this capture as well because it turned out so beautiful and it was joint effort with AD. Thank you baby for helping me with this one. I love you! ♥


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Ash Laurel & Iris Hardy in

"The Music Box"


Ashlynn Jameson as "Miss Laurel"

Iris Okiddo as "Miss Hardy"

Special guest star: River Anwyl as "Professor River von Schwarzenhoffen, M.D., A.D., D.D.S., F.L.D., F.F.F. ánd F"


♪♫♪♫ Listen to the theme please. ♪♫♪♫


And here's the full story


This is a tribute to all clowns and to Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy in particular.


"God bless all clowns.

Who star in the world with laughter,

Who ring the rafters with flying jest,

Who make the world spin merry on its way.


God bless all clowns.

So poor the world would be,

Lacking their piquant touch, hilarity,

The belly laughs, the ringing lovely.


God bless all clowns.

Give them a long good life,

Make bright their way—they’re a race apart!

Alchemists most, who turn their hearts’ pain,

Into a dazzling jest to lift the heart.

God bless all clowns."


Special thanks to Samantha Yates for building me the wooden crate!

Also special thanks to my sis River Anwyl for building the stairs ánd the hill!


Thank you both very much!



Looking close...on Friday theme Music!


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I'll keep dancing on my own


Looking Close on ... Friday

Prisma De Colores

“I believe in Magic every time I hear Music.”

― Michelle Schaper


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Guitar Capstan/String Post for Flickr Friday 🎶


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YOKAI - Sleepy Teddy Bears GACHA (Kustom 9)

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e.marie // Vintage Vibes (Arcade)

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“School's out so it's the weekend everyday

From sun-up to sun-down in the hood we play

Our block party's jammin off the chain

We're lined up dancin' like we're on soul train

The live band sounds so good to me

With Derrick thumpin the bass

And Todd ticklin keys

Laron and Pat both droppin the beat

While Meshun and his boys supply the harmony

I wish this day didn't have to end

But tomorrow will come and we'll do it again . . . “


Lyrics from “Good Ol’ Days” by Tamyra Gray


Credits . . .

YIRUMA - no lyrics


When you're happy you enjoy the music, when you're sad you understand the lyrics.


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Tonight's moon together with the music of one of THE coolest most talented groups to ever come out of South Africa,the phenomenal Shadowclub

Music definitely has changed over the years, when you get older have you ever heard a song on the radio from the past that still makes you smile?? And yes you even start to sing along!!!

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“Without music, life would be a mistake.”



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Panel music mixer with sound controls. Exhibition of music and light in Moscow.

''The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between.”



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Such a brief moment, a small time to spend

The dancing will slow soon, the music will end

In real life we're plastic, nature's unfair

How can we breathe life, how can we share

The knowledge and insights hidden in tombs

We're all Music Box Dancers all alone in our rooms

We sit on our shelves where objects reside

We don't allow the music to get right inside


Music Box Dancer's now completely alone

No winder or no listener, because nobody's home

How long before someone will re-wind the spring?

The room will now be witness; and silence can't sing

~Frank Mills

This photo is taken in virtual world of Second Life.

Life and Music with Neva Crystall | Shiny Shabby Event


We have simply cheated ourselves the whole way down the line. We thought of life by analogy –as a journey or a pilgrimage- which had serious purpose at the end. The thing was to get to that end, success, or whatever it is, or maybe Heaven after you are dead, but we missed the point along the whole way. It was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing or dance while the music was being played. Instead you had to do “that thing” and you did not let it happen.


From ‘The Tao of Philosophy’ by Alan Watts

Balboa Park at the Spanish Village Art Center in San Diego...HBM!!

"Where words fail, music speaks."

Quote - Hans Christian Andersen


Lost in music by Sister Sledge.

To live without my music

would be impossible to do.

In this world of troubles,

my music pulls me through.


CKEY Poses


Men Only HUNT10

♪John Miles - Music

More info here<-------

✈Sea Lullaby<-------

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