ROB LAVERS PHOTOGRAPHY 9:27am, 7 February 2021
If I can just give a quick background, my first photo book is a collection of images illustrating the social and health benefits of the local allotments to support their fight against development. I thought a few might like a copy but to my surprise I have been asked to quote for between 50-150 copies. If I order directly the 40% discount applies up to 100 after which a different rate applies but that means I can pass on the discount after a small percentage for myself.

If I decide to hit the publish button can I still order directly with the same discounts? Will the same discounts apply if a bulk order is placed with the publisher by the purchaser?

Thanks for your help.
spider438web 9 months ago
I don't think the discount applies to individual personal orders, however you can pass on a discount to your customers (deducted from your profit %).
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