troy david johnston 5:14pm, 18 September 2020
I recently ordered three photobooks through Blurb.

The quality of the physical aspects of the books are good, from the paper quality to the finish.

However, the printing of the actual images is quite poor. All of my images are black and white, with aspects of those images highlighted in colour. On all the odd number pages of the book, the black and white sections of each image are true greyscale. On all the even number pages. the black and white has a slight green/blue hue and the contrast is rather dark. This is extremely noticeable when one image stretches over two pages. Clearly the printing process is not calibrated to provide the same standard of print.

I have tried to get in touch with Blurb, but as yet have received no response from them. I have since been on Trust Pilot to find reviews of exactly the same nature.

This is very disappointing as I have paid them for what they bill as a professional look, but don't provide it. I am having to find an alternative printing company who can provide me with a professional standard photobook.
Sometimes Blurb subcontracts their work to other printing outlets when they run behind. If so, on a number of occasions, likely due to lack of use, the printers are not properly calibrated. No one actually looks at the final product, so issues are not caught during production. Take some photos of your books and upload them to their site via your account and include a detailed description of the printing issues. Hope that helps.
rmbrass 1 year ago
Joe, I've had about 5 books printed by Blurb. All black and white. There have been inconsistent quality problems not only with the inside photographs but also with the covers. Greenish or pinkish hues, printed too dark and scratch marks, bent corners. All my books have black cover backgrounds. The last 2 printings of the same book arrived with a shade of dark grey as the cover background. Most of these defects of quality control have been printed at a facility, I believe, in Georgia. The books from that printing plant have consistently been sub-standard. Even after my complaints and re-prints from the Georgia plant, books have arrived damaged or with color hues. Other books printed in Washington State have been the best.
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