PixelProShop 7:02pm, 28 July 2015
I have been attempting to make a large Trade Book using BookWright . The book is appr 400 pages with 700 photos. Every time I get to about 500 photos dropped in BookWright it will crash. It will gray out and say in the tittle bar "BookSmart Not Responding" and show the little twirling sphere. The photo will eventually drop into the photo box after appr 1-2 minutes. The bad thing is after the crash the file is corrupted and all changes are lost and will not upload. I have contacted Blurb without success or much of a reply saying "we are looking into it"! I am using a solid computer I7, 16gb ram and an SSD hard drive. Very familiar with their software having made 35 books in the past. BookSmart the old software was pretty solid but can't print TradeBooks. Any ideas or suggestions I will try? thanks
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