Webinar failure

peteshep 10:20pm, 12 November 2014
Today's webinar on blurb travel photography books was a total failure. V disappointing.
flickr and blurb user.
fotomormor 7 years ago
I am doing a new photo book. After considering myself finished, I used the preview - and to my surprise I saw that several of the pictures only were half exposed (top), the rest of the pictures was a gray area. Some places it seemed as if the image was divided in two and put together askew! I certainly went back to the relevant pages (edit mode) where everything seemed in perfect order. I tried to remove the pictures and to enter them again, with the same bad result. Eventually I was forced to remove the images and retrieve them again, then they seemed to be fine. Fair enough, but there must be something wrong in the program? It will take for ever to finish a photo book if the images must be downloaded multiple times.
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