The Peace Frog 11:56pm, 22 July 2013
I'm new to Blurb. I'm in the process of creating a book with Booksmart, and I am using neg scans (BW negs). I am putting the photos into the book via simple drag and drop from the folder on my HD where the photos are which I have selected for this book. I have re-sized them via LR to resolution recommend by Booksmart (when you mouse over a photo, it tells you the optimum resolution). The color space is set to sRGB.

For SOME of the photos - maybe 10% or so - the resolution via book smart is lower than the original file. The photos are much more grainy looking than they should be (keep in mind, these are BW negs - mainly TriX, so there is grain in the original file too). It is as those they are now low res, or they have been ultra over-sharpened which is now catching all the grain, or something. I'm not sure why this is and in particular I am not sure why this would happen for only some of the pictures rather than all of them.

Furthermore, and most importantly, I'm not sure if what I am seeing in Booksmart is an indication of what the finished book will look like in terms of picture quality. That is, when I upload, does it take the original files linked to booksmart, or what?

Sorry if the question sounds stupid, but I've never done this before and I want to avoid a disappointment when I get my final book.

If anyone can shed some light on this, it would be much appreciated.
eddyizm 8 years ago
@Peace Frog -

Did you ever get a response or get this fixed?
I'm seeing the same thing happen. I just tried to do a 80 page book and booksmart literally added grain and degraded all the images to a certain degree. Some slightly darker images, it literally destroyed with ugly noise/grain. I sent them a ticket and provided a screenshot side by side with a flickr upload of the same image and the difference is night and day.

Seeing that this and post is open, I'm guessing they don't give a shit and aren't fixing it. They are not even acknowledging it.

The images look good in the preview before I upload but once uploaded, they are total shit and unacceptable.

If they could fix it, it would make the software usable again. Or at least tell me that the upload failed, delete and try again, SOMETHING!

analoguey 7 years ago

I have used blurb earlier this year, and both the print quality and the customer service was lousy to say the least. I had a mix of images lit differently, and some underexposed (to get a particular effect) but Blurb destroyed pretty much everything. Images that I had processed to have the same look were printed differently - you can see the difference in colour between two adjoining pages!

The worst bit: it was for a client, and the book had a tear right in the middle - in the stitching.
Blurb turned around and blamed me for it - a month long discussion basically yielded a lot of excuses and blaming the customer for their lousy product.

I'd never use them again.
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